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I graduated from a private Christian University in 1984 before joining the United States Army.  I have served as an enlisted soldier, an NCO, and then as a commissioned officer.  Since then, I’ve worked for major corporations as an IT Leader, as well as running a small business on the side.

Opening another chapter in my life, I am writing dystopian thrillers that I call Freedom Fiction.  I tell edgy stories celebrating faith, family, and individual responsibility.  Now, that I am kicking off a new phase of activism, I want to encourage Americans to cherish their freedom and to think for themselves.  I think I can accomplish that goal by telling fast-paced stories encouraging readers to realize it is up to each of us to fiercely protect our individual civil rights and to care for our neighbors.

My Message:

Like many Americans, I pretty much believed that, for the most part, the men and women we elect to represent us in Washington, D.C., to one degree or another, believed in freedom and in the greatness of America. Over the last couple of decades, that belief has eroded.

I’ve now come to the conclusion that there is a political and cultural elite in this country.  The trend of Americans leaving important decisions to leaders and so-called experts has evolved to dangerous levels.  American culture changed such that far too many of us feel no responsibility to make the decisions required of citizens in a self-governing republic.

For those of us who do care about the decisions our leaders make, watching the news can be a frustrating proposition.  Whether one’s viewpoint of the proper role of government tends to be predominately liberal or conservative, eventually the “other guy” will get into power.  Once there, they will do the level best to dismantle policies that keep us free.  Americans often say something like, “After the next election, we can fix the issues.” The problem is that freedom is eroding regardless of elections.  The truth is that culture is upstream from elections.  For a republic to work, Americans must be educated, moral, and involved.  My job is to tell stories that are exciting and fun while encouraging readers to be aware and think for themselves.

It is my belief that there is far more that binds us together than separates us. The problem, as I see it, is American culture tends to encourage people to get on a team and support that team, right or wrong. Most of us view our environments through the prism of what our “team” promotes as its core values. My question for you is this:

“Do you believe in 100 percent of what your team says you should believe in?"

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