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"Sovereign’s Journey" - A heart-
stopping Scifi Thriller

The year is 2084. After decades of warfare between Western nations and the Islamic cultures of the Middle East, the savage battle of civilizations abruptly concludes following a horrifying nuclear exchange.

Exhausted and horrified, Earth’s war-weary populations succumb to their increasingly totalitarian government's solution to ban religious practices of any kind.

Now ruthlessly persecuted, men and women of faith have only one option to regain their freedom—

They must escape!


Against all odds, Lieutenant Rachael Shumway and her pair-bond and love of her life, Jaden, finally made it back home to Earth. She didn’t expect or need a hero’s welcome for saving her ship and the thousands of colonists on board, but she didn’t anticipate the Directorate blaming her for what happened. The last thing she expected was to be forced into becoming an operative for the Directorate to thwart a desperate intrigue that would change the course of human history.

With few viable options, Rachael must learn whom she can trust when everyone seems to have an agenda of their own. With thousands of lives on the line and her own freedom at stake, Rachael must overcome challenges thrown at her from every vector to once again defy impossible odds and survive.

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The timeline behind Sovereign’s Journey


  • Progressive Transformation Movement agrees to support Victoria Wren for President following her agreement to continue transformative policies including single payer health care.
  • They push progressive, Tony Chapel as her VP.
  • Victoria Wren is elected amid massive vote fraud allegations.  Some Western states in the US refuse to recognize the election results, and although Wren takes office, she is ineffectual due to a lack of legitimacy.


  • Tensions increase steadily following the American elections.
  • Economies in Western Europe and the US collapse requiring a worldwide financial reset.
  • Israel is isolated due to the split in American sentiment.
  • Fearing a first strike from Iran, Israel strikes first, temporarily eliminating Iran's nuclear capability.


  • After the Israeli strike, general warfare erupts throughout the Middle East.  Millions are slaughtered as Islamic extremist flow out across the world, attacking anyone they feel is opposed to Islam and Sharia.
  • In opposition, to the extremists of Islam, nationalist fascists arise in Europe calling for the defense of the West and promoting Western religions, presumed cultural superiority and turning against immigrants.
  • Full scale combat lasts for 10 years.  No nation is spared being a part of the battlefield.
  • President Victoria Wren is reelected, but large segments of the U.S. population do not recognize the legitimacy of the election.


  • Victoria Wren has a stroke and dies in the middle of her second term.
  • VP Chapel assumes office.


  • The US Constitution is temporarily suspended due to the requirements of war and the need to stop the ruthless attacks on civilians in the US.
  • Pro-liberty and some Christian groups rally against the suspension of constitutional rights, and the populace is lead to believe the dissenters are like the nationalist fascists of Europe.
  • President Tony Chapel openly embraces socialism and declares martial law and outlaws public religious expression for the duration of the conflict.


  • Exhausted and financially ruined from decades of warfare the West uses nuclear weapons on key Islamic population centers.  The message is clear.  The war will end, one way or another.
  • The West, along with Israel obliterated Benghazi, Libya - Kabual, Afghanistan and Aleppo, Syria. Muslims extremists who were also exhausted by constant warfare begin to disappear from the battlefield.
  • The death toll was well in excess of 180 million people killed which lead a war-weary population to accept authoritarian bureaucracies that begin to develop to try and rebuild.


  • An Islamic reformation begins with moderate, peaceful persons demanding a more spiritual approach be taken versus the more legalistic views of Islam, but older adherents resist, and there is internal violence.
  • The Islamic Freedom Brotherhood smuggles suitcase nukes from Iran into London & Washington DC.
  • Shaken by the attacks against Washington and London and fearing a new round of fighting, charismatic leaders arise proposing a stronger world government – meeting with mixed results.
  • Following the war, the effort to rebuild begins, and some nations begin to gather up dissidents and the outspoken religious citizens of all faiths.


  • Alien ship is discovered by a robotic spacecraft in a high orbit around Jupiter's moon, Europa.
  • This discovery puts a positive light on the all-new and encompassing global government that is unifying the people.  A fervor to believe in something new and hopeful fuels the progressive new world government.
  • Upon examination, the ship is determined to have been built by bipedal, mammal-like creatures – long dead.
  • The discovery creates an unprecedented push for technological development.  Earth throws everything it has at technology development.
  • Religious fundamentalist believe the discovery to be a fraud and renew their efforts to resist unification and the government's efforts to diminish the role of religious activity in daily life.
  • The world government establishes new, global agencies to achieve the centralized control and security needed to focus the economy and organize populations to pursue space exploration.
  • Control of resources, land, economy and lives become more and more accepted as people find basic life and comforts partially returned after the long war.
  • Robotics makes huge leaps, and the first truly AI beings with control protocols are created.
  • Small cells of religious people resist with occasional terrorist attacks against government facilities for the next several  years -- further distancing the people of faith from citizens trying make a life in the new world.


  • The Radcliff Laws are passed establishing the Department of Public Harmony which governs expressions of personal opinion on politics, culture, and religion.
  • The Department of Global Education is given sweeping powers to reorganize the concepts of family. Mandatory schooling of children separate from family begins, but cannot be easily enforced everywhere.
  • In response to the Radcliff laws and the Department of Public Harmony, an unprecedented interfaith council, meets in secret. Representatives of major faiths risk everything to hold a synod. The Conclave of the faithful is established as a ruling body over major and minor faiths though they cannot and do not force compliance.
  • The remaining groups are known as the Faithful, organized into cell-based groups consisting of members of all faiths.
  • The Conclave faces its first crisis as the faithful across the globe react negatively to the government’s producing sentient AI’s. The crisis tests the limits of Conclave’s authority when Faithful leadership asks religious cells worldwide to stop protests against synthetic life.


  • Seventeen years after the initial discovery, Earth’s first colony ship, UNNS Odyssey launched - taking 7000 colonist and 13,000 AI platforms to the Chara system which is 27.3 light-years from Sol
  • The technological windfall from the alien spacecraft thrusts mankind into the cosmos in a big way.  Translated Star Charts, indicating habitable planets and propulsion tech are used in an unprecedented push by humans into the galaxy.
  • Using star-charts left aboard the alien ship, Earth establishes colonies on four worlds.  The initial colonies are designed primarily as resource extraction, manufacture, and support activities.  On Earth heavy manufacture is moved almost entirely off planet due to environmental concerns.
  • The world population, devastated after the war, advancements in medicine and a need for a population willing to take on mining life and space exploration leads to the first Biological enhanced AI’s created to help with expansion into the stars.  Suspicion of such individuals over time, remains a point of contention for many Faithful cells.
  • In only a few years, equal political rights are given to the new class of synthetics.  The government see this as a way to create a supportive base for their growing control of humanity.
  • After 40 years of sporadic resistance almost all organized religious resistance is eliminated.  Public Religious expression of any kind is simply not tolerated and punishable by confinement and reeducation.


  • Most people simply no longer believe in anything outside of themselves.  Trust is a valuable commodity.  All that remains of faith are small groups that comply with the law by keeping their beliefs to themselves.