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Phoenix Republic, The Lone Star Gambit – With the economy crumbling, faith and family become the key to survival.  A story of hope and redemption in hard times.

Following the collapse of the U.S. dollar’s, three ordinary American sisters—Kate, Megan, and Annie – each struggle to overcome personal failings as they make their way back home to the Texas ranch where they grew up, and back to their core values.  If an economic collapse was not enough, Americans must also contend with the rise of a profound level of oppression brought on by a statist political class, as well as a fundamental power shift in the Middle East.

The situation is dire, and freedom-loving Americans will be gravely tested if they wish to retain their freedom and their God-given rights.

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Although fictionalized for the novel, much of the action taking place in the background of Phoenix Republic comes from the news.  By working with local city leaders, a former state senator, a Middle East expert from the University of Texas at Arlington, as well as several police officers, we worked to create a political thriller that is exciting and feels real. Phoenix Republic tells a story that depicts what it might feel like for an average person to face overwhelming odds following an economic collapse.  Although the story contains true-to-life action and life-or-death situations, it also has gripping emotional content that will appeal to men and women alike.

The characters of Phoenix Republic.


Sadie Cline – is a young woman in trouble.  She is skilled ER nurse and has always done what was expected of her, yet she is awash in grief and her life is falling apart.  Sadi is grasping at the pieces of her life and trying to make sense of an impossible situation

Matt Regan – a rugged warrior in a suit.  Reserved, confident, and observant, Matt is the kind of guy who keeps his cool.  He is a former US Army Ranger.  Now working as a private security specialist, Matt uses experience gained from Tikrit to Kabul to protect the assets of the Wall Street Elites.

Russell Davis – Husband to Annie, the youngest Danvers sister, is a young man with much to prove and few mistakes to overcome.  He is a hard worker and proud, but is lost in a complex world he can’t control.

John David Sterns – Managing partner at Sterns and Becker Investments, one of the world’s largest and most important hedge funds.  Once a young army officer serving in Viet Nam, Sterns grew to crave ultimate power and control over the lives of those with which he associates.

Drake Sabol – Best guy friend to Catherine Danvers.  Officer Drake Sabol is a police officer in Cedar Hill, Texas. Drake is the all American guy – the sort on which one can depend. Drake is easy going and confident, but dealing as a police officer he sees first-hand the fraying edges of the fabric of American society.

Nathan Jacobs – Unbeknownst to Annie Danvers-Davis, her dear, high school friend, Nate is now a police officer in Enid, Oklahoma, where Annie makes her home with her new husband, Russell.